IStockphoto Voucher, Discounts and Free Images

The other day the time came for me to bite the bullet and pay the rather expensive prices tagged on the images over at IStock. When I went to purchase my credit's I noticed the option to enter a coupon code and with little hope I figured a quick google was neccessary.

Much to my suprise and delight of course I came accross this site with a range of coupons for IStockPhoto, and the coupon code which gave me 20% of for a purchase of 50 credits or over.

Hope someone else benefits from this also.

Object doesn't Support this Property or Method

Well if you have reached this post then you was probably having the same problem as me. At first the error message might seem quite generic but when I tell you what was causing the error for me it will all make sense.

In my case I had a div with the same id as a JavaScript variable on the same page. So once my page had been parsed up to the div the JavaScript variable/object which was declared before the div was no longer a valid object and any calls to methods or properties of that object further down the page were invalid / not supported.

Autoloading Classes and Interfaces with Object Orientated PHP

If you have ever developed an object orientated application with php 4 then you will know what an annoyance it can be including all the different class files, well with php 5 the developers have introduced a new method called __autoload().

Note: There are two underscores before the word autoload.

The autoload function is called every time we try to access a class or interface which has not yet been defined. This may be clearer with an example.

Customising the Windows 7 Taskbar - Adding Custom Toolbars

Well if you’re anything like me then you would probably like links to regularly used folders either on your start menu near the Documents, Music and Pictures links or where the quick launch bar used to be which now only allows program links including explorer which opens the Libraries folder by default in Windows 7. You can if you wish pin folders to the Windows Explorer icon which become available in a menu when you right click windows explorer.

Validating Multiple Controls in VB.NET

If you have ever built a form in Visual Studio with say 10 textboxes, you then want to validate all 10 textboxes on a certain event, well naturally you could go through each one like so

If txtTextBox1.Text = "" then

End If

If txtTextBox1.Text = "" then

End If

If txtTextBox1.Text = "" then

End If


But this leads to messy and tedious code so below is an example on how to loop through controls on a form and validate them on the way.

Cannot find wrapper assembly for type library VBIDE

I recently had this problem while working within Visual Studio 2008 on an invoicing program. For the project I was required to add a few references. Towards the end of the project when I was debugging I realised the Warning "Cannot find wrapper assembly for type library VBIDE".

I am unaware at this point which of the references I added also added the VBIDE reference but it was not needed within my code.

To solve the problem make sure you have all files in view, Project > Show All Files