SSH Keys and Springloops on OSX

OK so tonight I had a frustrating problem connecting my desktop computer to Springloops. I had generated the SSH keys the same way as ever, my config file looked good but I couldn't get away from the following error: Access denied. You are trying to connect to a project to which you are not assigned yet or your key is not setup properly. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly I finally found a solution. I figured that it could somehow be using another SSH key so I added the following to my ~/.ssh/config file.

IdentitiesOnly yes

Good luck, and I'll be updating this post when I figure out how to track down which other keys are been used.


You can enable verbose debugging for the git command by doing:
export GIT_TRACE=true

Since git is using ssh to make the connection, it will be ssh that is using the keys.
Normally ssh will try these keys by default:


in that order.

To specify a different key for your git connection use an entry in your ~/.ssh/config file for the git hosts.
As an example, with springloops the git host is:

ssh://[email protected]:1234/

thus your entry will be

user sls
port 1234
identityfile ~/.ssh/id_dsa


Thanks Ben, it was driving me nuts! Problem solved.



THANK YOU! I had this problem for two days.


Merci... Gracias... Danke... Thank You!


Thanks Ben! This was driving me nuts for ages! :)


Thanks for this. Had this working on my Ubuntu image, but couldn't get it to work natively with OSX. I'm guessing there's only so many identities you can present to springloops before they give you the boot. The strange thing is I was able to SSH into springloops, but it failed when using SSH via git.

Anyway, I added the following line to the top of my ~/.ssh/config file and it worked:

IdentitiesOnly yes

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