Mount server file system over SSH on Ubuntu 12.04

I'm now running my own instance of Ubuntu 12.04 server at home and its great. I tend to use PHP Storm as my development IDE and I don't like how it copies all the files over to your system if you choose the remote options. Therefore mounting the remote file system as though it was local is idea. Below are the commands required, they don't need much explaining.

SSH Keys and Springloops on OSX

OK so tonight I had a frustrating problem connecting my desktop computer to Springloops. I had generated the SSH keys the same way as ever, my config file looked good but I couldn't get away from the following error: Access denied. You are trying to connect to a project to which you are not assigned yet or your key is not setup properly. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly I finally found a solution. I figured that it could somehow be using another SSH key so I added the following to my ~/.ssh/config file.