Migrating from WordPress to Drupal 8


Last weekend I came up short with things to do and with a Drupal 8 release right around the corner I decided to get on with moving my blog across from WordPress. TLDR; It went well :)

Migrate API

Pretty old news at this point for most but Drupal 8 now has Migrate in core. Outside of cores needs for an upgrade path there is an easy to use API for migrating to Drupal from any platform. You could even use it to move between two non-Drupal platforms if you so wanted.

REA XML Parser and WordPress

A while back I was asked to display a directory full of REAXML files on a WordPress site. To accomplish this I created a class which would convert the XML files into an associative array and then a plugin to use wp_insert_post() for each property. realestate.com.au accepts property data in their proprietary XML format as a means to import properties into your account on their website. Due to this feature many businesses are already producing REAXML documents from their custom software or another XML Provider, with this REAXML parser we are able to easily parse the data into our website.

Cannot redeclare wpsc_register_post_types

I received the error "Cannot redeclare wpsc_register_post_types" while setting up a WordPress powered website to be used as a CMS. Everything was working locally but once I uploaded to the server I was continually getting the error around the wpsc_register_post_types function call. The first thing I tried was to deactivate the plugin which then caused an out of memory error when trying to allocate around 26mb of memory in wp-admin/menu.php.