Manage all your Bash Aliases in the Cloud

We've discussed at work about how great it would be to have a convenient way to share aliases with each other, synchronise them between machines and overall just have a nice way to manage them. I've been meaning to post my .bash_aliases file on my blog for a while as a way for me to manage them but now I've found the ultimate online service for managing your aliases.

List directory contents by modified date in php

At home we have quite a large collection of movies that have been collaborated over the years and are all stored on a central server. Every movie is stored in a unique folder along with some backdrop images and a xml file which stores information such as the movie title, description, production year and our own custom reviews. I wrote a C# application which allowed everybody to view all of this information easily and everything works well. But it didn't seem very helpful having a nice list of all the movies and their data unless you could view them in a newest to oldest order.

Change terminal color in Ubuntu for SSH sessions

Well I made the mistake of leaving an SSH session logged in at home and then when I came back to my laptop to shut it down I typed "sudo halt" and then realised I was still on the server and everyone who was accessing the server was kicked off.

Not so much fun and a bit of a ammeter mistake, my solution was to change the colour of my terminal login prompt when in a ssh session. I tend to ssh into my home server quite a lot so I have an alias in my .bashrc file. Your .bashrc file is run when you login.

Gave up waiting for root device, Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Remix

A few weeks ago a friend bought a new Toshiba NB300 laptop running Windows 7 Starter. He had bought it mainly to run Windows but decided with there been so much hardrive space (250GB) he may as well install Ubuntu and Windows side by side. We decided to give the netbook remix of Ubunut 10.04 a test drive of a live USB drive and after a quick play we decided we liked the slick user interface and to go ahead with the installation.