Manage all your Bash Aliases in the Cloud

We've discussed at work about how great it would be to have a convenient way to share aliases with each other, synchronise them between machines and overall just have a nice way to manage them. I've been meaning to post my .bash_aliases file on my blog for a while as a way for me to manage them but now I've found the ultimate online service for managing your aliases. is a cloud service that allows you to mange your aliases. It's just gone into a public beta and i've begun uploading my aliases. I've only got a few on there for now but give me a few days and i'll have them all entered and ready to go. I'm also looking forward to seeing what the Hacker News community have to offer and with a bit of look I may gain some new aliases.

Current Features

  • Share your aliases with your friends.
  • Manage all your aliases for all your machines from one place.
  • Use and learn new contributed aliases.
  • Vote on your favourite aliases.


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