Why I'm Not Using Alfred

The Good

I recently stumbled across Alfred which looks pretty cool but what really caught my eye was an additional Alfred workflow called Alfred Dev Doctor which gives you the ability to search a wide range of programming languages and frameworks documentation including, Rails, jQuery, PHP, Python and more.

Watch the video on the Alfred Dev Doctor website and you're probably itching to give it a go. It certainly seems like something I would use regularly as a developer.

The Bad

So I went ahead and downloaded Alfred, downloaded Dev Doctor only to find out that workflows are only available in the Alfred Powerpack. I loaded their site and it's only £15 to buy which seems very reasonable but I'm not going to buy something I've never even used. I click around a little more looking for a free trial but there is nothing! Surely they can give me a weeks trial? Hell it looks so good I'd probably be happy with a weekend to give it a testdrive but no trial at all just seems stupid.

Sorry Alfred, i'll keep my money until I can first have a test.


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