MAMP won't start via Dashboard Widget

I've had this problem a few times and it's easily re-producible. It happens to me when I leave my Mac in sleep mode (by pressing the power button once quickly) and I have MAMP running. When I come back to the Mac sometimes it simply won't recover from sleep and the only way is to kill the power or hold in the power button. Once It reboots I press F4 to access the dashboard and my MAMP widget indicates that both MySQL and and Apache are already running but the server is inaccessible. It's obvious that the widget has some kind of memory regarding the on/off state of each service stored.


Simply go to Applications and find the MAMP utility. From here you can start both services. Your dashboard widget will still indicate that both services are started but this is now correct. You can now use the widget to stop the services and of course start them again as required.

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