Magento Mega Menu

I finally got around to publishing my Magento Mega Menu extension. It's fairly basic at this point but stands as a good starting point for developers.


  • Choose from 1, 2 or 3 columns. Currently must be configured via XML.
    • Columns are: Category Description, Child Categories and Category Brands.
  • Easily extend and provide your own columns.


I've tested with Magento CE 1.7+ and Magento Enterprise 1.11+ but it may work with earlier versions. If you manage to get it working with an earlier version or find any bugs then please let me know via the issue tracker and feel free to make a pull request on Github. The source is available here. I’m working with Magento less and less now and I don’t have the time to keep this extension up-to-date so it’s unlikely any further updates will occur unless I need it for a new project.


I am really just getting to know Magento, working with and stumbled across your Mega Menu - Thank You! I am hoping you might have basic install instructions? Nothing too indepth, it's just been a very long time since I've worked within Magento.

I have downloaded the files from github and unzipped files into particular directories.
My question is where does the setting appear in the backend to set menu layouts.Please bare with me if this is silly question as i am amateur.Thank you


Hi Karthik,

Not a silly question at all but unfortunately at the present time I don't have a way to administrate the menu via the admin, only XML.

If you tell me what you want, how many columns and what you want to appear I can help you with the XML.


Hello Ben
Thank for your job.Can you help me, i want to show categories and can I do?
I want to show images and html blocks, how can i do?


Hi Fall,

I can't just give you all the code. I recommend that you have a go yourself and then post the code and problem on If you link the question back here i'll be happy to have a look.


First of all, thanks for the work. But:
Parse error: parse error in \app\code\local\DevBlog\MegaMenu\Block\ThreeColumns.php on line 78


@Nacho, looking at them lines of code there is an anonymous function been used so make sure you have a version of php that is 5.3 or greater


Very nice work first of all. :)
I have a question. How to get my data in menu? If it taking XML, where is XML pass occuring?


I want to display my data on the Menu, tell me how does it work please.
If the data is pasrsed using XML, tell me XML file name..

Hello i downloaded your mega menu but i dont see to do it..can you help me with this...

thank you

best regards from Slovenia ;)


Hi Nataša,

It's hard to say without seeing your code it should just work on an out of the box theme.

A few things you could look for:
1. Are you using the category navigation block?
2. Do you have categories with children?


Hi Ben! First of all thank you for your work!
But could you tell me how to use this menu with my custom design package in a right way?


And out of the box it doesn't seem to work for me - in source code there is no jquery, megamenu.js, megamenu.css etc loaded. All set up on clean instalation of magento (just to try) - i create several categories with subcategories.
(default theme(default package), magento ver., php 5.3.26, apache 2.2.24, MySQL 5.1.70 )
Could You tell me please where did I go wrong?
P.S. Sory for my English and once again thank's.


I last tested this with 1.70 so I will test again with the latest version in the next month and update as required.


I'm working with Magento less and less now and I don't have the time to keep this extension up-to-date so it's unlikely any further updates will occur unless I need it for a new project.

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