Gitlab Installation issues on Ubuntu Server 12.04

I've just spent some time installing and configuring Gitlab on my local dev server and to be honest I love it but I did have one small issue along the way.

Unpacker Error

error: unable to set permission to './objects/pack/pack-f45bc1f40ffa68a60a5e986bb3cf0f40c3b6335c.pack'
fatal: cannot store pack file
error: unpack failed: index-pack abnormal exit
To [email protected]:test_project.git
! [remote rejected] master -> master (n/a (unpacker error))


The quick fix for this was to jump onto the remote server and delete any temporary files which I presume were created from previous failed pushes with other users.

rm -rf /home/git/repositories/test_project.git/objects/pack/*

Once that was done everything worked as expected and I have to say the interface is great.

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