Customising the Windows 7 Taskbar - Adding Custom Toolbars

Well if you’re anything like me then you would probably like links to regularly used folders either on your start menu near the Documents, Music and Pictures links or where the quick launch bar used to be which now only allows program links including explorer which opens the Libraries folder by default in Windows 7. You can if you wish pin folders to the Windows Explorer icon which become available in a menu when you right click windows explorer.

If the situation above is what you are facing then you will be happy to know you can add links to any directory you like next to the notification area (bottom right hand corner).

To do this:

  1. Right click the task bar
  2. Select "Toolbars"
  3. Click "New toolbar..."

The window that pops up allows you to select any folder which is then added to your taskbar. The even cooler thing about this is that two small arrows appear next to the newly added toolbar allowing you direct access to files and folders contained within the selected folder.

One thing you may find slightly frustrating is that the newly added toolbar is not a link to the directory you selected but one way around this I found was to add a directory one level higher than the folder you would like a link to and then unlock your taskbar and drag it out to bring into view all contained sub folders on your new toolbar which are links to directories.

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